Why do you want to rent IT Equipment?

Technology always has followed the saying Rolling stone gathers no moss. It keeps changing and evolving all the time, at a rapid pace bringing about rapid advancements in all fields of life. But one of its major downsides has been the frequent upgrading of equipment that is deemed obsolete within a short time after procurement.

This is where SAISYS come into the picture. We provide the equipment that can be rented out at a fraction of the procurement price, which you can always upgrade whenever the requirement arise, also at a fraction of the price that you have to spend. So it is a Win-Win situation for you.

We provide flexible options for renting our IT equipment depending on your budget. We also provide flexible payment options that will suit both of our needs. The renting of our equipment will help you plan your cash flow properly due to fixed rental charges. This will help you to conserve your capital and divert them for other expenses.

We at SAISYS provides you a choice to rent our equipment depending on your technical specifications for a specific project, which you will not get if you are buying the equipment since the expense of buying the latest technology might cost you more and you might have to be content with your budget.

Renting becomes cost effective for the fact that it will cut the costs of installation, configuration and deployment of the equipment. This helps in reducing the cost of owning the equipment. Renting has also helped to be the best option for Events like exhibitions, training etc., cutting the cost of acquiring and storage of the equipment once when the event is over.


We have come up with customizable rental options that will help you in the following ways.

* We bring in Flexibility to your requirements, keeping in mind the cost and effectiveness of the project.

* We aim to Save Your Time by renting and installation of the IT infrastructure and their installation quickly so that your company can get operational in no time.

* We do not stop at just renting our IT equipment to you but also keep you Worry Free. We will ensure their maintenance too, thus letting you focus only on your core competencies. We are always at a phone call away for all other emergencies or requirements.

* We promise in Giving you the Best that is available. We always keep step with the latest technology, we make sure our equipment are the latest in the market with respect to technology.

* We strive to Save You Money by helping you spend economically by renting from us, thus help diverting your investment to more operational areas within your company.

Who has benefitted from SAISYS?

We have provided our rental services and solutions for companies from varied industries, including:



24/7 support

We are always at just a phone call away any time of the day, any day of the year.

Affordable price

We provide IT Equipment for rental at affordable prices so that our customers can function economically.

dedicated team

We have a dedicated team of customer friendly professionals who will cater to all your requirements and issues.

Vendor Partnerships

We have been selected as a Microsoft SPLA Partner that enables us to license eligible Microsoft products, host software services.

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