Other Equipments

We at SAISYS have thought about providing devices that will assist in providing support to the other devices that we have in our rental stockpile. We have visualized different scenarios and have thought about the different devices that will help our customers perform better. We keep adding innovative devices as and when it makes a market entry.

Storage Devices

We have a wide range of network storage devices that include

  • a. SAN or Storage Area Network

    that comes with a dedicated network of storage devices like tape drives storages, raid arrays etc.

  • b. NAS or Network Attached Storage

    consists of a storage device connected to the network.

  • c. DAS or Direct Attached Storage,

    as the name suggests include devices that can be connected to the computer directly.

UPS Power Backup

Is an integral part of any office that use desktops, servers or any other networking devices for providing Uninterrupted Power supply to these devices during a power outage.