Audio Visual Equipments

service overview

Presentations have taken over as the most important tool in business meetings for most organizations all over the world. Companies utilize them for conducting meetings and even trainings for their employees, their clients and most importantly, their customers.

We, at SAISYS, have kept this special need for all business meetings at the back of our minds and brought out a wide range of Audio-Visual products that will help our customers with their presentation requirements. We have taken into consideration the different requirement for a presentation and have included the following Audio Visual equipment in our Rental Stockpile:
* Projectors
* Presenters
* LFD Displays

We have a range of projectors that are compatible with most input sources, from most of the major brands found in the audio-visual market. We also supply presenters that will assist in the presentations with their slide changing and pointer abilities.

We also have LFD’s or Large Format Displays, which are more attuned for business meetings or trainings when compared to normal LED or LCD Televisions. We supply LFDs with display sizes that vary from a normal 32-inch display to very large 80-inch displays.