Servers and Workstations

service overview

We at SAISYS rent servers of different brands depending on the project. We do have a wide range of servers as part of our stockpile that can be suited for all operating system families like Windows, Linux or Unix.

We have all types of server hardware that will be suit your requirements, starting from entry-level ones to high-end or advanced servers, which can be configured as per your requirements. We have Tower as well as Rack servers in our inventory.

The Tower Servers are built in servers in stand-alone upright cabinets and looks similar to PCs, but these are used for purposes that cannot be done using a PC. They are preferred for their scalability and easier to cool nature. The Rack Servers are the ones that are mounted in Rack Servers and they are measured in Rack Unit or U, which is roughly 19 inches wide and 1.75 inches tall. These servers are mounted one over the other in the Rack cabinets.

We also provide phone and onsite support, which are handled by technically qualified engineers to ensure all the issues are resolved.

We also have Workstations with advanced configuration for all the heavy-duty applications and sometimes for small office server applications.

Server Rental Bangalore

The specifications of our Workstations are:

Processor Intel Xeon Dual Quad core
RAM (as per the client’s requirements) 16 – 32 GB
Hard disk 300 GB – 1 TB SAS HDD
Graphics NVIDIA Quadro 4000 series 2 GB
Peripherals Included Keyboard and Mouse