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We are always at just a phone call away any time of the day, any day of the year.

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We provide IT Equipment for rental at affordable prices so that our customers can function economically.

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We have a dedicated team of customer friendly professionals who will cater to all your requirements and issues.

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We have been selected as a Microsoft SPLA Partner that enables us to license eligible Microsoft products, host software services.

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laptop rent near me
The advent of Laptops into the market has sparked a revolution and helped employees work from anywhere.

We at have anticipated such requirements and have kept an extensive number of laptops for our customers. We have with us a wide range of laptops from different brands that will suit all kinds of laptop users, including APPLE products like MACBOOK PRO and MACBOOK AIR.

desktop rent Bangalore

We at SAISYS have taken due considerations to provide our customers with desktops with the best configuration for an affordable price. We have desktops from all the major brands in the IT Industry, including Apple iMAC desktops for all the designers out there. We also have Workstations with advanced configuration for all the heavy-duty applications.

Rent Servers in Bangalore

We at SAISYS rent servers of different brands depending on the project. We do have a wide range of servers as part of our stockpile that can be suited for all operating system families like Windows, Linux or Unix. We have all types of servers suited for your requirements, starting from entry-level ones to high-end or advanced servers, which can be configured as per your requirements. We not only rent our servers to you but we also make sure the servers are configured with the required software.

Rent Projectors in Bangalore

We, at SAISYS, have kept this special need for all business meetings at the back of our minds and brought out a wide range of Audio-Visual products that will help our customers with their presentation requirements. We have taken into consideration the different requirement for a presentation and have included the following Audio Visual equipment in our Rental Stockpile.

Networking Devices Rental

We at SAISYS, have maintained that by making networking devices available to our customers for rent will help them overcome most of their networking requirements.This will help them focus on just selecting devices that will help them to start off a specific project without running behind vendors for quotes and configuration of these devices. We assist our customers in setting up their networks quickly and at an affordable price.

Printer Rental Bangalore

We at SAISYS offer all types of printers and scanners from all the major brands available in the market to cater to your specific requirements. We offer printers and scanners for rent for periods ranging from a few days, weeks, months or even years.Renting out printers and scanners will help lower your organizations initial investment expenses. You can always start off with smaller printers and scanners at the beginning and then progress to more heavy duty ones when your organizations business grows.


Thank you Saisys for helping out with your quick service. I cant thank you enough for helping my set up my company in record time. I am in business all because of you. Thank you once again.

Abhishek Krishna

First of all let me take this opportunity to thank you for your laptops. You actually saved my day in supplying laptops for the training that we had. I would always call you again for all my training needs.

Prasad M

We had temporary projects that need all these IT equipment and we got it all from Saisys, thank you guys for your support and we hope you guys will help us in many more years to come.

Najaf Muhammed